Applications / FAQ

How do I apply?

The initial application process is exclusively online. Subsequently, you will be asked to send in the required documents in paper form. Read more about the detailed application process here.

What is the application deadline for this program?

First time enrollment is only possible in winter semesters. The deadline for your incoming application is July 15.

Can I start studying without a general qualification for university entrance?

A levels/ a high school diploma are not necessarily compulsory for enrollment.

Pre-Study Internship

To apply you are required to complete a pre-study internship (minimum requirement of thirteen 35 hour weeks) in a museum or a respective institution (see below for full list) and write a report. This report is required for a successful application.

At the date of the application deadline (July 15) at least six weeks of your internship have to be completed and documented in written form. The remaining weeks can be completed until the commencement of study.

Preferably the internship should take place in a museum, since it provides you with an accurate insight into museum work. The size and type of the museum you choose is up to you. In the Berlin and Brandenburg area, finding an internship position is relatively easy.

Other institutions that can be considered:

  • Private galleries and art collections
  • Commercial galleries and art traders
  • Antique traders and auction houses
  • Corporate collections
  • Libraries and archives
  • Museum/Exhibition agencies
  • Museum/Exhibition architects or designers
  • Art departments
  • Science Centers
  • Memorial Sites (Departments, Administration, Visitor Centers)
  • Media Production companies for museums and exhibitions
  • Publishers specializing on museums and exhibitions
  • Institutions for cultural tourism or the management of cultural events
  • Visitor Service Departments of cultural institutions

Tip: Ask institutions about the different fields/departments you could cover during your internship or whether you can work on bigger/international projects during your internship.

The Pre-Internship report

Your internship report should be at least ten pages in length. You are welcome to attach pictures to the ten page report.

How you structure and design your report is entirely up to you. Nevertheless it should document your work in the institution in a structured manner and also put it into the context of the respective institution.

The assessment of your report is considered as 30% of your application.

Further criteria for the assessment of reports are:

  • How are the specifics of the different activities in the institution made clear and how are they described?

  • Are the tasks performed during the internship embedded in the greater context of the institution?

  • How were the objectives of the institution included into your tasks and workflow?

  • Was the work during the internship put into a general context?

  • Are the results of the report structured and written in a comprehensible and descriptive manner?

    To verify your internship you will also need a written confirmation by the institution you completed it at. This should include vacation days taken, absences because of illness and other absences, if existent. Please include your written report and the confirmation of the institution in your application.

Consulting opportunities

Not sure yet if our MA is right for you? Would you like to get a closer look?

Once a year we offer an Open Day on which you can get to know our Museum Studies undergraduate and MA programmes. You can get to know the campus and the Tutors and ask your questions.

For further information contact Prof. Dr. Oliver Rump at